Ascension is Over, Now What?

It’s 11:00 pm Thursday evening of the Feast of the Ascension. I’ve tried to think throughout the day, “what must the disciples have experienced that day?” He had told them to wait and pray for the Promised Holy Spirit. But what would happen? What would it look like?

Jesus had Resurrected from the dead. Saint Paul records that at least 500 people witnessed Jesus risen from the dead. The Jewish historian Josephus records that at least 2,000 people witnessed to Jesus being resurrected from the dead. Whatever the exact number, Holy Scripture records that 120 were still praying ten days after Jesus ascended. Mother Mary was among them.

The Apostles must have had many feelings today, the day they saw Jesus ascend back to the Father. They may have been reminded how they felt at the loss of seeing Jesus dead, they may have been filled with hope and expectancy for the future. But above all, these men were filled with Faith!

They had just spent 40 days with the resurrected Christ, learning from Him. He promised them the Holy Spirit and power. They could not have fully known, but just ten days from now their mission was about to heat up!

But for today, they had to wait and pray. Actually for the next ten days. But Pentecost is coming. When the Holy Spirit comes, He fills them with His Power and witness. The ground shakes and souls are converted to the true faith.

So for us today, we also must wait and pray. We must have the resolute faith of the Apostles, believing God for a miracle, for His Grace, for an outpouring of His Spirit, for direction, for Mercy. All while believing that His promises are true. He alone defeated death, and send His Spirit to us, His beloved followers.

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