Be Ye Separate


One man stands out. One detractor, one separate, truly, a man apart. In a quick survey, easy to miss, but once identified, impossible to ignore. Once he is noticed, all others lose their appeal.  Quickly, questions arise; what is he thinking? Doesn’t he care of consequences of non-conformity to the masses? Is he sane? Is he driven by conviction? What are the convictions of a man risking his life and possibly the life of his family to stand, separate from the masses of nazi Germany, to make a statement; “I am separate”.

In our age, there seems to be no more non-conformists. There seems to be no one that stands apart. There are no more rebels. But is that true? Possibly, if we scan the crowd closer, we could find one. Continue reading “Be Ye Separate”

Church Pallets


“Pastor, do you know why there’s pallets stacked up in that church?”

One of our church deacons recently had to travel across state in order to attend a funeral at a church for a coworker.

As we visited before our board meeting began this last week, the deacon asked me why a great big beautiful established church, would want to stack up pallets as their platform decor, covering over the old cross, still somewhat visible, behind the pallet decor.

This deacon has been an active member of this local Assembly of God Church where he serves, for over 20 years.  So his exposure to much of the latest church trends is limited.

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