Jesus is not a mutant


The upcoming X-men movie is just another example of Hollywood edging into religion. It seems there are more and more movie plots attempting to tie into christianity and theology, but in a sublime or subtle way, than ever before. Continue reading “Jesus is not a mutant”

The only man-made thing in Heaven

In Heaven, there is nothing made man, other then the scars of Christ Jesus.
This being Passion week, let us turn our thoughts toward the suffering of Christ Jesus. Many have taken time to fast from food, or to fast from some pastime that seems important to them.
But let us also reflect on eternal things. For as believers in Christ Jesus, our eternal state is of utmost importance. We are encouraged to set our minds on eternal things, as opposed to the worries of daily life that attempt to overwhelm us.

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The Fog Machine Taught me to seek God


The fog machine has become standard in contemporary and modern worship services. The fad began in the mid-nineties in youth groups, camps and rallies. As a ministry intern, I can remember the first time I was asked to set one up on the church platform as a preparation for a big youth rally. I didn’t think much of it other than being one more thing to soften the atmosphere of the church, digress from tradition, and communicate that we are certainly not religious.

What did I or could I learn from the fog machine? I learned that my leaders were desperate for attendance at any cost. I learned that our mission was to get young people to believe in Jesus on some level, all while proving to them, they were not in a ‘churchy’ environment. Continue reading “The Fog Machine Taught me to seek God”