Jesus is not a mutant


The upcoming X-men movie is just another example of Hollywood edging into religion. It seems there are more and more movie plots attempting to tie into christianity and theology, but in a sublime or subtle way, than ever before.

Twentieth Century Fox has recently released a a trailer for “X-Men: Apocalypse” that boasts a group of superpowered heroes battling an ancient villain named Apocalypse.

In the short trailer Apocalypse says, “I’ve been called many things over many lifetimes,” and goes on to list Yahweh alongside the Egyptian god Ra and the Hindu god Krishna as the names he’s been called.

Later in the trailer, a character notes that Apocalypse always chooses “Four Horsemen” to help him enact his will. Another character remarks “he got that from the Bible,” and another replies, “or the Bible got it from him.”

In modern, western christendom, we have been indoctrinated that all is permissible, all is acceptable. We are conditioned to not be negative by identifying anything as wrong, oh wait, accept for intolerance, that’s ok to identify as being wrong.

To which I say, “NO!”. Jesus is not a mutant. That is wrong to call or imply such. It is wrong to teach children by implication and suggestion such. It is evil, and heresy.

It is a weak, anemic, and emasculated church that refuses to identify evil, and proclaim good.

My initial reaction to the trailer was sadness. Sadness as I thought of the millions of young people who will derive their thoughts and belief system from a satanic movie script rather than from God’s Word and His Church. And by implication, these satanic movie writers have attempted to make Jesus a hateful villain.

This pains me, as I know Him as my Loving Lord and Savior; Redeemer of the World. God is Love. Jesus is God’s manifestation of Love to a dying world. By the Everlasting Father sending the Eternal Son into the world, He says, “I love you, and I want to reconcile you to myself.”

We must make war on this ideology, first within ourselves. We must put to death every thought that raises itself up against the Lordship of Christ Jesus within our own hearts.

We must resolve that Jesus is, was, and is to come. That He is the same yesterday, today and forever. That He is the Eternal Son of God, with God in the beginning, and WAS God in the beginning, and that the Father is the Eternal Father of the Son. And by believing on the Son, God also becomes our Father.

Jesus, a mutant? No Sir! He is the Great I AM! Full of Grace and Mercy! Meek and Lowly, Humble and Holy!

We must use the occasion of warning people not to watch this filth as a chance to tell them about the Lord and Savior we know as our Savior, and Lord.


My Name is Joshua Mangels, I am answering God’s call, to call God’s People to Holiness in a generation that has not been given the invitation to walk Holy. Please follow me on Twitter for daily updates and encouragements.


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