When you love life more than sex

flowrcacterSexuality is all around us. As a consumer culture, the marketeers seem to have found a way to exploit our basest desires, arousing it’s hunger. And when that hunger is fed, it grows to be stronger than the will to live.

Sexuality was designed and created by God. And everything God does is good, and purposeful. But what God has made perfect may be perverted and subverted by sin. And what was made for the creation of life may turn into an instrument of death. What is altogether good may be used for evil.

We can see the obvious evidence of sexual desire being used as an instrument of death by the rapes and sexual assaults against women and children in the news. But a farther conversation is nearly prohibited in our culture. But lets take a small look into death brought about by a base desire gone from hunger, to madness.

  • Countless marriages have been destroyed by adultery, pornography, and other forms of sexual infidelity.
  • Countless single parents, rather than putting the raising of their children first, have sought remarriage to satisfy their sexual appetite.
  • Sexually transmitted diseases kill and sterilize, yet that earthly punishment hasn’t seemed to curb the cultures appetite for sex.
  • The sensuality all around us has given rise to underground sex trade that deals primarily in slave sex labor.
  • Many people have allowed their sexual appetite to destroy their potential in business and family life.

Our culture, and much of Christianity has believed a lie that the chief end of a human being is his own happiness. But we find even in our modern technological era, that man has not found happiness, nor utopia. Quite the contrary, wars, famine, disease, and depression has increased.

In our never ending desire to ‘be happy’, we have forgotten that only God can fulfill a person. Jesus, the Son of God, came to Redeem fallen humanity. He tells us plainly in all His teaching that happiness is found in submission to God. Now God is Love. Jesus came into the world because the Heavenly Father loves sinners!

Jesus tells us that if we love Him back, we will obey His Commands. It is plain in His teaching that He invites all, no matter their background, into His new way of living. It is a way of love. It is primarily a way of denying self. Jesus is best known around the world as Crucified. So He even states, “there is no greater love than a man laying down his life for His friends”.

So we are invited into a way of living that seems unnatural to the natural man. It is a way that says, you die to live, you becoming nothing to be something, you get by giving away, you grow by dying, you are first by becoming last.

So now, there is a choice; gratify self’s desires, or please God.

To work toward pleasing God is Trusting God. To please God is to have Faith in God. Why? because it makes no human sense to go against natural desires. Especially sexual desires. Sexual desire is so strong in our society as it has been fed to become stronger of the years.

So to the natural person, it seems extreme, and even dangerous to tell someone to suppress their sexual desires in favor of obedience to God’s Way. I myself fought through this. When sexual appetite has become so strong, it seems impossible to immediately starve it in favor of God’s Way.

And then come the excuses;

  • maybe that’s not what the scripture means
  • who are you to tell me?
  • who are you to judge me?
  • we were made to gratify ourselves
  • I was born this way
  • I have needs
  • I need to be happy too

But Jesus already warned us, that we will not be satisfied living for self and self’s natural base appetites. When the devil tempted Jesus to break His fast by turning stone to bread, Jesus plainly told the devil, “man doesn’t live by bread alone”.

So you see? We don’t always need to consume what even our body tells us we must consume.

Jesus stated that man lives “by every Word from the Father”.

This is real life, life derived from our Heavenly Father. Jesus claimed to be the life God offers us. This is eternal life, not temporal, but eternal!

A sexual appetite run wild can and will ruin marriages, families, futures, even eternity! We must have the conviction and testimony to live a life of chastity, that is, for single, no sexual conduct whatsoever, and for married people, proper pro-creating sex only between married couples. This is God’s Way. And for those who love this Christ of God; Jesus, we are in love with life. All life is God’s and belongs to Him.

We hide our will in His Will, and work every day to put ourselves behind, and Him in front. And are we happy? We will be Joyful and happy, and pleased as we live according to God’s design. There is reward in Heaven, of that we can be sure, but there is reward in the here and now, even in the moment when we love life more than sex.

And so the question is not whether or not someone was born one way or another, the question is; Do you love your own life more than sex? Do you love Jesus more than sex?

Whether you are single or married, life falls into proper order when sexuality is put behind God, and Jesus is followed above any sensual needs or desires. Life for the Christian becomes clear and less foggy, when the ways of pop culture submit to the way of Jesus. Many greats in the Bible were celibate and lived in chastity. They show us the example that sexual desires can take a backseat to God’s Will! It is possible to go without gratifying sexual desire. Our culture and even some in the church seem to teach that sexual desire must be gratified in some way. That’s one reason there is so much rampant acceptance of pornography as a means of letting out sexual pressure. But this too is deadly sin! How many souls will be damned from the use of pornography? When we find out it will be too late.

And so we have the examples of the Bible; that sexual desire must not be gratified outside of God’s order without terrible consequences. We have been told by Jesus to die to self daily, and take up our Cross. If we love Him, we desire nothing more than to follow Him.

When you love life more than sex, you will do anything to preserve life, and this includes physical and spiritual life.

If you loved your own life, you would preserve it by doing whatever it takes to obtain Heaven, if you love your children, you will do whatever it takes to promote God’s order of family life, if you love society, you will do all you can to promote God’s Way and order in society. If you love Jesus, you will put your sexual appetite in subject to His Lordship, and find, a life worth living.

My Name is Joshua Mangels, I am answering God’s call, to call God’s People to Holiness in a generation that has not been given the invitation to walk Holy. Please follow me on Twitter for daily updates and encouragements.

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