An Inhumane Abuse: Denying Transgenderism as a Mental Illness


It is impossible to ignore society’s current problems surrounding sexuality today. As well, it is getting more difficult to raise objections to any permissiveness within society’s norms with a civil discussion or argument. It may be personally beneficial for anyone with views of chastity, moral conservatism and temperance in sexual matters to keep one’s opinions to oneself rather than face the new treason of opposing in any way someone’s preferred public spectacle of their sexual preferences.

In this setting, the statements put forward by the American College of Pediatricians regarding gender ideology come as a shock. This last March, the American College of Pediatricians published a straightforward, scientific and clinical position when they published, Gender Ideology Harms Children (Gender Ideology Harms Children). The College has urged legislators and educators  to “reject all policies that condition children to accept as normal a life of chemical and surgical impersonation of the Continue reading “An Inhumane Abuse: Denying Transgenderism as a Mental Illness”

The Detrimental Affects of Pornography On The Mind

Brain-SquishViewing pornography is detrimental to brain function, with the extent of brain malfunction not yet known. Subsequent to the detriment of the mind, are the detrimental affects of pornography on society.

Society has yet to witness the complete results of the proliferation of pornography. Not long ago the use, availability and proliferation of pornography was difficult to ascertain. What’s more, obtaining and viewing pornography was looked at with disdain and shame by the western societies. But those two things have changed in recent years. First, with the proliferation of digital and online pornography, the study of its use is more scientific. Second, due to shifts in popular morality, western society’s view of pornography has softened.

Apart from religious and moral objections to pornography, there is a growing body of research and study into the actual affects of pornography on the human mind. This study and information is absolutely essential for a responsible society.

Kuhn and Gallinat “found a significant negative association between reported pornography hours per week and gray matter volume in the right caudate…”(Kuhn & Gallant). Gray matter being that which “contains the cell bodies, dendrites and terminals of neurons. . . where all synapses are” (Grey Matter and White Matter). Grey matter is “a part of the brain used for the transportation of information from sensory and motor stimuli”(Grey Matter, Wikipedia).


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