An Inhumane Abuse: Denying Transgenderism as a Mental Illness


It is impossible to ignore society’s current problems surrounding sexuality today. As well, it is getting more difficult to raise objections to any permissiveness within society’s norms with a civil discussion or argument. It may be personally beneficial for anyone with views of chastity, moral conservatism and temperance in sexual matters to keep one’s opinions to oneself rather than face the new treason of opposing in any way someone’s preferred public spectacle of their sexual preferences.

In this setting, the statements put forward by the American College of Pediatricians regarding gender ideology come as a shock. This last March, the American College of Pediatricians published a straightforward, scientific and clinical position when they published, Gender Ideology Harms Children (Gender Ideology Harms Children). The College has urged legislators and educators  to “reject all policies that condition children to accept as normal a life of chemical and surgical impersonation of the opposite sex”(Gender Ideology Harms Children).

The College continues to explain the scientific nature of the difference between the sexes; male and female (Gender Ideology Harms Children). In spite of such scientific and medical pronouncements, there is a compulsion in popular culture to not only allow, but to celebrate and encourage behavior that indicates someone thinks they are something that they are not. Many in the media portray adults that have famously stood as transgenders as heroes and role models. The promotion of these individuals and their ideology has trickled down to the teenagers and children.

Another paralleling issue is the suicide rate among transsexuals after an actual sexual reassignment surgery or treatment. These people have “considerably higher risks of mortality, suicidal behavior, and psychiatric morbidity than the general population” (Dhejne et all). It has been suggested that the sex reassignment surgery can alleviate gender dysphoria, but does nothing for the treatment of transsexualism (Dhejne et all). This study cited was conducted in the very sexual affirming nation of Sweden. This last fact is helpful to note as to identify that the psychiatric problems that exist, may exist not as a consequence of a sexual reassignment surgery, but are underlying and originate before the actual surgery.

The College suggests that the attempt to reverse the affects of puberty on boys and girls is contrary to a natural event, and can actually inhibit growth and fertility (Gender Ideology Harms Children). I think any reasonable person could admit that adolescence can be a scary time with not a few personal questions about ourselves. It should be at least plausible that a child or teen could be confused on at least this issue. It seems that we’ve entered into a time in our culture that gender confusion is now a politically incorrect word and that we should consider it unthinkable that someone’s confused. But we should think that contrary to what their genetic make up, they are able to arbitrarily decide what they wish their genetic make up to be; either male or female as a personal decision, and all this, as a child.

In this paper issued from the American College of Pediatricians we see a bold stand to protect children and their future mental condition as adults. It is regretful that children must be exposed to such harsh and morbid sexuality at such young ages that the College would need to respond this way. Hopefully our society can come to a place where we will be  being able to, as a society, accept the genetic permanent difference between male and female.

In the Words of Jesus Christ, “Have ye not read, that he which made them at the beginning made them male and female,” (Matthew 19:4 KJV). Clarity is love. Helping a confused person, teen, or child discern truth and clarity is in it of itself an act of charity, of which all God fearing Christians are called to do. How much more for our own, our children. 




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