Bad News And The Water Jesus Drank

waterTwo things greatly disturbed me this last week, and on thing greatly blessed me.

The worst was the martyrdom of a French Catholic Priest at the hands of two young Muslim men while the priest celebrated mass. How horrific that in a western nation, worshippers witnessed a barbaric manifestation of islam, yet live in a willfully ignorant society that works overtime to praise islam as it slowly and methodically kills.

The second was the the aftertaste of the Republican National Convention. The outpouring of support for Donald Trump by so called Evangelical Conservatives is surprising, sobering, and telling. This man has been married three times, owns casinos, is a purveyor of vulgar speech, yet according to some, you would think he’s a christian to emulate.

The thing that blessed me was wrapping up a summer youth camp where I was witness to great hope as young adults and teens spent the week in morning prayers, morning worship services, evening filled with the same, and a week generally full of laughter, tears, prayers and singing as we worship this great God and Trinity; Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

There is yet young souls who wish to have a greater revelation of God in their lives and then manifest that God to a hurting and lost world!

As I sat around the dinner table last evening and we as a family reflected on such a week; it occurred to me again, that Jesus, in His Incarnation, touched all Creation. And in touching creation, Colossians reads;

Colossians 1:20, and by him to reconcile all things unto himself, having made peace through the blood of his cross, whether they are the things in the earth or the things in the heavens

As I sat at the table looking at a glass of water, I remembered that water keeps moving about the earth, from place to place. It is spilled out into the earth, evaporates up into clouds, and is dumped down somewhere else, flowing down mountain streams to reservoirs, where it is filtered and pumped back into our plumbing systems.

Is it possible that Jesus drank water? Of course He did! Is it possible that he swam in water? We know at least He was baptized in water and the currents of the Jordan River swirled around Him as John the Baptist Baptized Our Lord!

What happened to that water Jesus touched? What happened to the rain that may have fallen on His head as he walked from town to town proclaiming the Gospel? Did it flow down to the earth and then evaporate in the next days afternoon heat, only to move about the earth in some cloud and then to be dropped atop some glacier where it froze until such time it should work its way into the sea, only to evaporate again, and now as a cloud, should it then turn to rain that would fall into lake which is a modern day reservoir, which then flowed to my faucet and then to which I would drink?

It may sound fanciful and romantic, even a dream, but could I have drank water water that once fell as rain on the head of Jesus, or flowed through the Jordan River around Him?

Was He really that close to creation that He touched it, felt it, wiped it off His brow? Could the God of all Creation have come down and really reconciled the whole of it to Himself in His Incarnation, Perfect Life, Terrible Death, and Resurrection?

Those H2O’s are out there! I don’t know where, but they’re out there! And Jesus is only a whisper away… so? He joined Himself to creation in joining Himself to the womb of the Virgin Mary. He joined Himself to us all, if we will have Him.

So in a day of strange and unsettling events, we Christians may take a moment or more of solace and rest in knowing that Jesus is not that far away, a mere whisper really. And in joining Himself to Creation, He invites us to join ourselves to Him, to join ourselves to the Trinity; Father, Son and Holy Spirit! This is the place of peace; the life in the Trinity, joined to this great God of ours.

He is the Water of Life. He promised if we drink His water, we’ll never thirst again. So when the life we live leaves us thirst and unsatisfied, we must remember, there is a water so cool and refreshing that it wells up within us to a spring of everlasting life, and Jesus is the both the giver of this water and He actually is the water of life, free for the asking.

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