Isis Tells Its Followers to ‘Break The Cross’; And Why We Don’t Care


Isis has released the 15th issue of its online magazine “Dabiq“, here, the Clarion Project republishes the material in English. This latest issue celebrates recent terror attacks in Nice, France, San Bernardino, California, and in Orlando, Florida. This issue also gives stories of christian converts to Islam and itemizes why Isis hates whomever they hate.

Let me interject before we begin; the story of the christian convert to islam could be taken as a short indictment against the loose, ‘faith alone’ and easy believism so popular in modern christianity. The writer tells how the Trinity was never taught and so, never understood, instead, the focus of modern christianity is just an independent, and self interpreted and self guided easy and loose believism. This type of description actual helps us understand why we in the west intrinsically don’t care largely, who and why Isis kills.

The Magazine also explains how Isis views the Americans and our military; primarily as an army of Sodomites, led by a Sodomite. This is no small detail, and a point lost in the western media.

There is also a written attack against the Pope and an identifying with the Arians of the Arian heresy which was defeated at the Council of Nicaea. Which should be of note to so-called Oneness Christians, JW’s and Mormons; whom are more doctrinally aligned with Islam than Trinitarian Christianity.

So to the point; why we in the western world do not care why Isis says to ‘break the cross’.

In cited article, the title of the issue; a muslim theologian doctrinally attacks christianity, the trinity, modernism, homosexuality and other western notes of culture, and gives a call for people to convert to islam. The pictures of isis fighters tearing down crosses, destroying christian icons, and destroying churches are well known on the internet and in the news, but this article gives articulation to the pictures we all have seen.

The first ‘why’; The people that are being persecuted have a culture, society, and religious practice that is literally a world away from us here in America. Primarily, the people being persecuted are either Catholic or Eastern Orthodox. Both of which follow an interpretation of Christianity  far removed from the American ideal of church epitomized in movements such as Hillsong and preachers such as Osteen and Jakes. The Christians primarily under attack practice a liturgical christianity under the authority of their respective bishops. They practice and live in the ancient Sacraments of the Church. They have made their religion fabric of their very existence. As a people, their voice is faint, if ever heard. They are lumped in with other groups and ethnicities and the beauty of their traditions and our debt to their preservation of an earlier form of Christianity are forgotten by us.

The second ‘why’; We as a western christianity have forgotten why and what we believe. We have been the subject of so much intoxicating marketing and even by so called spiritual leaders, we have forgotten what the Trinity is, why we believe it, who fought for us, and why our children must live in the reality of it. We are constantly told by the media that we are fighting a radical ideology, instead of the reality that we are fighting a militarized heresy; namely, the evolution of the Arian heresy. We have also been systematically deprived of our ancestors and their battles with islam over the centuries. We have been robbed of our rich Christian heritage and the beauty of an ordered christian life filled with tradition of feast days, saint and holy days, and an ordered prayer and liturgical life. The postmodern movement within protestantism has moved us far away from any doctrinal clarity.

We have been sold a new ‘freedom’ of religion which is not a freedom, but a disguised robbery of the beautiful mosaic and tapestry of an ordered liturgical life lived in the Trinity. And in the void of a Religion that orders our life to the very fabric of who we are, paganism and possibly now islam, will fill that void.

But all is not lost, there is hope. If we will humble ourselves, repent and pray, and turn again to our God, He will heal our land, for it is promised;

and My people who are called by My name humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin and will heal their land – II Chronicles 7:14

We must now resolve to seek God’s Face and attain a fresh revelation of the Trinity and truly; seek the old path, where is a good way;

Thus says the LORD, “Stand by the ways and see and ask for the ancient paths, Where the good way is, and walk in it; And you will find rest for your souls. But they said, ‘We will not walk in it.’ – Jeremiah 6:16

We must seek those Christian Doctrines that most cause us to seek the Trinity in the Beauty of Holiness! We must again seek the beauty of an ordered Christianity Liturgical Life. The cost and pain of correction may be great for some, and for some it may be easier, but if we are to perpetuate our faith in God’s Christ, we must take a look at what we have lost and given up for our modernism, and ask God to bring us back to the Way, the Truth and the Life; Jesus and His Church. It would do us well to read about the earliest Church Fathers and the traditions implicit and explicit in the early Catholic church.

So we need to care. We need to change the way we think about this. We need to renew our minds; reading and researching our Christian Faith and History, and obtain a fresh passion for our Faith in Christ.

My Name is Joshua Mangels, I am answering God’s call, to call God’s People to Holiness in a generation that has not been given the invitation to walk Holy. Please follow me on Twitter for daily updates and encouragements.

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