The Mission That Grows in Beauty


I bowed, made the sign of the Cross and sat in the third pew I watched as tourists marched in clanking the door handles, talking loudly and allowing children to run back and forth, showing no reverence for a Continue reading “The Mission That Grows in Beauty”

Should Catholic Youth Go To A Protestant Rock Show?


I was asked this question by new Catholic friends a couple of weeks ago. Specifically, their teenagers┬áhad been invited to a big event at a nearby Baptist Mega-Ministry. From my experience I related what I could predict Continue reading “Should Catholic Youth Go To A Protestant Rock Show?”

At Church With No One To Stare At

img_3033As a former Pentecostal Protestant, having musicians and singers perform in front of the church was normal. As a Pastor and song service leader, there were times in the last few years that being in the front during song Continue reading “At Church With No One To Stare At”