Some 9/11’s To Remember

Us Westerners easily forget the history of our ancestors; the battles, their religion and their way of life. But not everyone has forgotten. When you look back at the terror attacks that have taken place on 9/11’s, one can see a modern pattern of choosing that date. But why? The following important military victories over islam will give us a clue as to why islamic terrorists so often choose that date to make cowardly attacks.

Battle of Malta,
September 11th, 1565.

At dawn May 18th, 1665, 200 ships had been sent by Suleiman the Magnificent, Sultan of the Ottoman Turks.
His intent was to destroy the knights of malta who had for a long time been a thorn in his side, and then go to march on Rome.
With him were 40,000 fighting men, including 6,000 of Suleiman’s elite infantry, the Janissaries, not to mention another 9,000 cavalry and seventy huge siege cannon, one or two of which were capable of hurling 600lb stones a mile and a half.

Opposing this force were just 600 knights, a few thousand mercenaries and a few thousand Maltese irregulars – in all between 6,000 and 9,000 men.

Once Malta fell, which Suleiman’s commanders thought should take a week, the Turks would evict the Catholic Spanish from Tunis and then invade Sicily and Italy.

The battle finally ended September 11th, with only 10,000 muslim soldiers returning defeated, and a handful of christian survivors, but Europe and christendom was saved.


September 11th 1609, the final expulsion of muslims from Spain. A great day for Catholic Christians.


The Battle of Vienna, September 11th, 1683. Only the Catholic Polish came to help the besieged Viennese as the protestant wars tied up the rest of Europe. But victory was miraculously granted to the Christians as they were vastly outnumbered, yet prevailed over the Muslim hordes.


Battle of Zenta, September 11, 1697, Yugoslavia. The Ottoman army was again trying to sneak into Europe, when Prince Eugene of Savoy, who led the Holy League forces, lost only 300 men, but islam lost 30,000 men.


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