The Winner Writes History

Investigate the history that you’ve been taught. Read opposing sides. The history of this photo is now suppressed even here in the west.

It may seem difficult to avoid conspiracy rabbit trails, but often times the bits of truth at least, are easily collected.

This photo from Tiananmen Square tells a story whether those in power like it or not, and it won’t completely go away. But ponder for a moment, if a story as important as this one is suppressed and censored, what else has been? The winners get to write the history; vilify their enemies and moralize their actions against them. What if history, especially the last couple hundred years is more nuanced than we’ve been popularly taught? Or what if Hollywood and media have gone along with narratives passed down and not necessarily true? The result would be an accepted narrative that is based on a lie or lies.

Not every conspiracy is worth investigating, but truth is always worth the search.

Published by Joshua Mangels

Husband, Father, poodle owner, chevy guy.

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