A Note To The Kid Down The Street For July 4th

I haven’t forgotten you. We grew up on the same street. You and your family moved in just after my family. We all played war, tag, hide-and-go-seek and we played video games at your house until your father got upset.

We all grew up and went separate ways. When 9-11 happened, you, like many young men, enlisted. You hardly finished boot camp and they sent you off to do your patriotic duty.

I remember admiring your patriotism and courage.

You were a young man of principle and duty, and a lover of your country.

You died within a couple weeks of arriving to the war zone.

I remember hearing the news in disbelief; how could you have died, it seems you had just enlisted?

I remember you on these patriotic holidays and the other young men like you. I believe you wanted to stand up for your country, your family and our way of life. I believe you wanted to be honorable, patriotic and courageous. I remember and pray for your family and for the families of all those who’ve lost loved ones to these wars in foreign lands.

Rest In Peace

Published by Joshua Mangels

Husband, Father, poodle owner, chevy guy.

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