Rambo Last Blood Delivers On Past Commitments

While Rambo Last Blood has given me one of the most gruesome scenes I have ever seen on movie or television, Rambo also gives the softest side we’ve seen yet of America’s beloved veteran. I was considering putting off seeing the movie until it would be on available on rental, but truthfully the liberal social media’s outspoken condemnation of the movie compelled me to see it in the theater.

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Five Simple Things Any Small Church Pastor Can Do To Reach His Community and Evangelize

Pastoring is one of the most difficult jobs in our society for a host of reasons which any readers of this will be well aware of. Many Pastors of small congregations feel the pressure to grow and evangelize, but aren’t sure where to start with limited resources. I’m going to give you FIVE of the things I did that not only grew my congregation, but reached the community, added tangible real ministries and value to the small congregation, and resulted in a financial solubility.

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An Immigrant Separated From His Children; My Family’s Story


Henry Rueben Caffell was seperated from his children for nine agonizing months. After serving in the British Army during World War II, he made the decision to get his wife and children a life “away from Europe’s wars” across the Atlantic in America. But how does one make such a journey with limited resources?

He made the difficult decision to separate from his family to come to America first, crossing the Atlantic on the Queen Elizabeth to get a job in a new country and then save up money to bring his family. He did all this while working through an immigration system that was new and difficult to understand.

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