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Rambo Last Blood Delivers On Past Commitments

While Rambo Last Blood has given me one of the most gruesome scenes I have ever seen on movie or television, Rambo also gives the softest side we’ve seen yet of America’s beloved veteran. I was considering putting off seeing the movie until it would be on available on rental, but truthfully the liberal social media’s outspoken condemnation of the movie compelled me to see it in the theater.

I expected an action movie on par with 80’s movies of the same genre with distinct good guys and bad guys and current political connection; I was not disappointed! The themes are familiar; tragic personal loss, a soulless enemy deserving of swift severe vengeance, and a delivery of swift sever vengeance. A refreshing element is the clearly evil character and the clearly moral Rambo. For those that miss the time when stories had clear distinct moral position, they will not be disappointed.

The political message was not lost on me. Living near the border in Arizona, and formerly in Texas, the some sights were already familiar to me such as the open, porous border that can be crossed in either direction. While living outside Tucson, my family had more than a few opportunities to assist illegal immigrants that had spent more time than a human should wandering through the desert, when they wandered onto our property.

The R rating is well earned as one can imagine, but the vengeance that evil requires is also well earned in this last ride with Rambo.

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