Shy Guys Never Get The Girl And Modern Evangelism

do you like meYou’re his friend and he confides in you. He tells you about the woman he’s in love with. She single, beautiful, intelligent, and compassionate. He’s single, with gainfully employment, kind, caring, and compassionate. ¬†They’re already in the same circle of friends. But before he can make his feelings known Continue reading “Shy Guys Never Get The Girl And Modern Evangelism”

The Mission That Grows in Beauty


I bowed, made the sign of the Cross and sat in the third pew I watched as tourists marched in clanking the door handles, talking loudly and allowing children to run back and forth, showing no reverence for a Continue reading “The Mission That Grows in Beauty”

At Church With No One To Stare At

img_3033As a former Pentecostal Protestant, having musicians and singers perform in front of the church was normal. As a Pastor and song service leader, there were times in the last few years that being in the front during song Continue reading “At Church With No One To Stare At”