Son, You’re Not Listening


As fathers, we are concerned if our children are hearing the things we are trying to teach them, moreover, if they are applying and internalizing any of what we are attempting to impart. As a former Pastor(now Catholic layman), I’ve preached countless sermons, given countless talks and teachings, and in most of those sessions, my children were present. I’ve always tried to remind myself internally that I must deliver a message that is Continue reading “Son, You’re Not Listening”

Whose kid is this?


Have you ever been in a store and a toddler wraps their arms around your leg? That moment you look down to see what’s just hugged you, is often the moment that little ‘hugger’ looks up at you and realizes you’re not his daddy!

My sixteen year old daughter has witnessed this happen to me over the years, and recently asked me how I felt about it. I told her that I love it! She asked if it made me feel awkward. For men, we may not be able to remember all the times it has Continue reading “Whose kid is this?”