An Inhumane Abuse: Denying Transgenderism as a Mental Illness


It is impossible to ignore society’s current problems surrounding sexuality today. As well, it is getting more difficult to raise objections to any permissiveness within society’s norms with a civil discussion or argument. It may be personally beneficial for anyone with views of chastity, moral conservatism and temperance in sexual matters to keep one’s opinions to oneself rather than face the new treason of opposing in any way someone’s preferred public spectacle of their sexual preferences.

In this setting, the statements put forward by the American College of Pediatricians regarding gender ideology come as a shock. This last March, the American College of Pediatricians published a straightforward, scientific and clinical position when they published, Gender Ideology Harms Children (Gender Ideology Harms Children). The College has urged legislators and educators  to “reject all policies that condition children to accept as normal a life of chemical and surgical impersonation of the Continue reading “An Inhumane Abuse: Denying Transgenderism as a Mental Illness”

When you love life more than sex

flowrcacterSexuality is all around us. As a consumer culture, the marketeers seem to have found a way to exploit our basest desires, arousing it’s hunger. And when that hunger is fed, it grows to be stronger than the will to live.

Sexuality was designed and created by God. And everything God does is good, and purposeful. But what God has made perfect may be perverted and subverted by sin. And what was made for the creation of life may turn into an instrument of death. What is altogether good may be used for evil.

We can see the obvious evidence of sexual desire being used as an instrument of death by the rapes and sexual assaults against women and children in the news. But a farther conversation is nearly prohibited in our culture. But lets take Continue reading “When you love life more than sex”