Son, You’re Not Listening


As fathers, we are concerned if our children are hearing the things we are trying to teach them, moreover, if they are applying and internalizing any of what we are attempting to impart. As a former Pastor(now Catholic layman), I’ve preached countless sermons, given countless talks and teachings, and in most of those sessions, my children were present. I’ve always tried to remind myself internally that I must deliver a message that is Continue reading “Son, You’re Not Listening”

Were You There When They Crucified My Lord?


As I contemplate the ‘shroud’ in the front of the church, my mind wonders what those first disciples and followers felt when Jesus was laid in the tomb. What could they have felt as they handled the crown of thorns, the Continue reading “Were You There When They Crucified My Lord?”

The Crucifix My Protestant Father Left Me


Today it’s been a month since I had my last real conversation with my father. Two days later, I spoke to him for the last time just before he was rushed into surgery and we shared “I love you’s” and prayed together. A couple Continue reading “The Crucifix My Protestant Father Left Me”