Should Catholic Youth Go To A Protestant Rock Show?


I was asked this question by new Catholic friends a couple of weeks ago. Specifically, their teenagers┬áhad been invited to a big event at a nearby Baptist Mega-Ministry. From my experience I related what I could predict Continue reading “Should Catholic Youth Go To A Protestant Rock Show?”

The Village That Is No More


In the little village of Clairburg life was peaceful, gentle and quiet. No one could remember just when the town was founded, but they all 243 citizen knew one another. This was the type of village where most young men Continue reading “The Village That Is No More”

Isis Tells Its Followers to ‘Break The Cross’; And Why We Don’t Care


Isis has released the 15th issue of its online magazine “Dabiq“, here, the Clarion Project republishes the material in English. This latest issue celebrates recent terror attacks in Nice, France, San Bernardino, California, and in Orlando, Florida. This issue also gives stories of christian converts to Islam and itemizes why Isis hates whomever they hate.

Let me interject before we begin; the story of the christian convert to islam could be taken as a short indictment against the loose, ‘faith alone’ and easy believism so popular in modern christianity. The writer tells how the Trinity was never taught and so, never understood, instead, the focus of modern christianity is just an independent, and self interpreted and self guided easy and loose believism. This type of description actual helps us understand why we in the west intrinsically don’t care largely, who and why Isis kills.

The Magazine also explains how Isis views the Americans and our military; primarily as an army of Sodomites, led by a Sodomite. This is no small detail, Continue reading “Isis Tells Its Followers to ‘Break The Cross’; And Why We Don’t Care”