Harley Quinn or the Virgin Mary?

Virgin Mary or Harley Quinn

Hollywood insists that there is no absolute good or absolute evil, only misunderstandings. This ideology is barely dressed and exemplified in the latest female role model; Harley Quinn, a fictional comic book figure and truly a psychotic criminal that exemplifies extremes of the perversion explicit in modernism.

Harley Quinn is the leading female in the box office hit; Suicide Squad. Suicide Squad broke profit records making it the biggest ever box office opening earning $135 million its opening weekend (BBC). The plot is summarized by IMDb; “A secret government agency recruits a group of imprisoned supervillains to execute dangerous black ops missions in exchange for clemency, which inevitably leads to chaos” (IMDb). So here we have the now all-too-typical hollywood plot which consists of bad guys that are a truly good, and good guys that are really bad, as writers insist that there truly is no absolute good or evil, Continue reading “Harley Quinn or the Virgin Mary?”

Bad News And The Water Jesus Drank

waterTwo things greatly disturbed me this last week, and on thing greatly blessed me.

The worst was the martyrdom of a French Catholic Priest at the hands of two young Muslim men while the priest celebrated mass. How horrific that in a western nation, worshippers witnessed a barbaric manifestation of islam, yet live in a willfully ignorant society that works overtime to praise islam as it slowly and methodically kills.

The second was the the aftertaste of the Republican National Convention. The outpouring of support for Donald Trump by so called Evangelical Conservatives is surprising, sobering, and telling. This man has been married three times, owns casinos, is a purveyor of vulgar speech, yet according to some, you would think he’s a christian to emulate.

The thing that blessed me was wrapping up a Continue reading “Bad News And The Water Jesus Drank”