Killing the Gospel of Christ and the Assemblies of God On Abortion

AG Blood

As a recent recipient of the Sacraments of Initiation of the Catholic Church and a former Assembly of God minister, I want to share how the Assembly of God position paper on abortion was part of my journey home to the Catholic Church. Growing up as a pentecostal (protestant) Christian, I had a distinct awareness that as Christians, we were pro-life and anti-abortion. Growing up during the market-driven, church growth fanaticism of the 80’s and 90’s I would often hear differing views regarding the controversial topic of abortion, as many would claim that in cases of incest, rape, possible death of the mother, or other circumstances the life of the baby could be terminated Continue reading “Killing the Gospel of Christ and the Assemblies of God On Abortion”

Luther Separated Us Five Hundred Years Ago


Today marks the fifth Sunday of not being a Lead Pastor. I resigned the Pastorate five weeks earlier in order to continue my journey to the Catholic Church.

Today also marks the Sunday that Father Martin Luther began his revolution that separated protestants from Catholics to this day.

There was one Church, the bulwark of truth, for over 1,500 years, when Luther took the foolhardy endeavor to separate that Church.

Today, I am more hopeful and excited than ever at the prospect of receiving Sacraments this next Easter as a Byzantine Catholic, but my heart is also heavy for those brothers and sisters in the faith, who this morning, don’t have a Pastor and are torn between the teaching they received from me and the new teaching advising them all I had taught was laced with Catholic enticements.

Oh how we take such pride in separating ourselves as to seem wiser than someone else. Oh the filth and depravity of a darkened mind that only seeks to be righteous by outwitting his neighbor.

But my heart is heavy yet light today. For today I will sing with all my heart in the divine liturgy, but my heart is heavy as I think about how Christian brothers and sisters are separate today, separated by a lying monk; Luther.

Oh how Jesus prayed that we would be one, as He and the Father are One. We must continue to pray that prayer.


The Village That Is No More


In the little village of Clairburg life was peaceful, gentle and quiet. No one could remember just when the town was founded, but they all 243 citizen knew one another. This was the type of village where most young men Continue reading “The Village That Is No More”